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How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infections?

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on August 13, 2010

Yeast infections aren’t necessarily a serious threat to our health. They are rarely life-threatening. But these infections are uncomfortable and painful. Many of us think yeast infections are a female problem but men can also suffer from this condition.

Fortunately you can take some steps to prevent yeast infections and to get rid of infections once they have already started. Men, women and children are all susceptible to the yeast infection (known as candida albicans). Nearly a third of the population of any country may have a yeast infection of some level in a year’s time.

A Normal Thing
Almost all of us have yeast bacteria as a regular part of the chemistry in our bodies. These organisms are present throughout our bodies, including on the skin. Our systems usually remained balanced and the bacteria don’t cause problems. We might contribute to a yeast infection by eating foods high in refined sugar and carbohydrates. Yeast multiplies in the presence of large amounts of sugar. The first thing you can do to get rid of yeast infections is make some changes in your diet.

You might be able to “starve” the bacteria by drastically cutting your intake of sugars and carbohydrates. In fact, some individuals may have to eliminate carbohydrates completely to avoid future infections. Combine these healthy changes in diet with additional drinking water each day. Give your body plenty of water to flush out harmful bacteria and toxins. Your doctor or nutritionist will probably recommend a diet free of yeast for several months until you show no symptoms of infection.

It may be necessary to take a prescription medication. Antibiotics taken orally help get the body’s bacteria back in balance by removing excess bacteria that could cause problems. In addition to these internal medicines, a doctor might suggest an over-the-counter ointment or cream. These are meant to be applied directly to the affected area, so the active ingredient can kill the bacteria. Topical ointments may provide temporary relief and remove visible signs of infection.

However, your body may still harbor plenty of yeast-causing bacteria. It will probably be necessary to combine skin treatments with oral medications to work on all aspects of the infection. If you have cleared up outward signs of yeast infection you should still watch for other symptoms: indigestion, fatigue, headaches, sinus troubles and so on.

Have a Complete Plan
Yeast InfectionFighting yeast infection requires a total plan, one that works inside and out. You should combine changes in diet, improved personal hygiene and topical ointments with professional help such as prescription medications and treatments from medical professionals. Consider anti-fungal medications and natural substances such as garlic and grape seed extract.

You should also make sure your body remains clean. Don’t give yeast bacteria a chance to start growing inside our outside the body. As we mentioned earlier, a yeast infection from candida albicans may not threaten our life but this malady can cause us serious problems. Yeast infections are painful and uncomfortable. Do what you can to prevent them and get rid of them.

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