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What Effects Does Smoking Cigarettes Have?

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on August 17, 2010

The word cigarette originates from a French word cigarette which means a small cigar. Cigarettes are simple objects – they are tobacco covered in a piece of paper. They have been around for quite a long time. The hookahs of the Arabs are well known. The Europeans first learnt about cigarettes from the Mayans and the Aztecs sometime around the 18th century, although the natives had been smoking cigarettes since the 9th century. They have been pictured in paintings like la cometa, la merienda en el Manzanares. Those painting belong to the 18th century.

There are only harmful biological effects which are known. Smoking may give us a psychological pleasure for sometime but in the long run:

(1) One in two smokers, who have been smoking for a long time, will die in the middle age.

(2) Tobacco makes the body more prone to diseases and causes many kinds of cancer.

(3) Cigarettes produce carbon monoxide gas when they are lighted and the inhalation of this gas cause the heart to beat faster which in turn increases the blood pressure. This strains our blood vessels.

(4) Strained blood vessels are a major cause of heart attacks and stroke. Smoking restricts your blood flow.

(5) Smoking reduces the supply of oxygen to our feet and hands. This is not healthy for them in the long run.

(6) It has been calculated that 20-breaths of cigarette smoke per day will fill you with 210g tar in a year.

(7) Those who hold on to the smoke longer end up having tar accumulated deeper inside their lungs.

(8) Carbon monoxide swells up the airways and this in time results in lesser air for the lungs.

(9) Smoking, one says, is a slow way to die. Smoking causes emphysema. It is an illness which slowly rots our lungs.

(10) Bronchitis, lung problems and heart failure are direct consequences of suffering from emphysema.

(11) Surveys suggest, smokers are ten times likely to have lung cancer than those who don’t smoke.

Cigarette(12) Smoking blocks blood vessels which lead to a heart attack. The reason for this is the deposits of pollutants from cigarettes in the vessels.

(13) One is five people, who die from a heart attack, is a smoker. The situation is worse among the young where three in four who die from the heart disease are smokers.

(14) If a lady smokes cigarettes during pregnancy, it is likely that her child will have a low birth weight and the chances of pre-natal mortality are also higher.

(15) Smoking cigarettes is a major cause of lung cancer, larynx cancer, oral cavity cancer and esophagus cancer among other diseases.

In addition to the diseases mentioned above a passive smoker is prone to:

(1) Ear infections. It has been more common among the children and the young.

(2) Passive smoking accounts for more than 10,000 low weight births a year.

(3) Nearly 8,000 cases of asthma each year are because of passive smoking.

(4) Still births and an adverse effect on the eyes is also a major consequence of sitting with smokers.

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