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What is Spirituality?

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on August 19, 2010

Spirituality can be described as an ultimate reality or it can also be explained as a transcendent dimension of this world. In other words, spirituality is an inner path that enables a person to discover the inner essence of her or his being.

In complex technical language it can be defined as the “deepest meanings and values through which people live.” Spiritual activities including prayer, contemplation and meditation are very helpful in order to develop the inner life of an individual. Such practices usually lead to an ultimate experience of connectedness with a larger reality; with a more comprehensive inner self; with the human community or other individuals; with the cosmos or the nature; and with the divine realm.

People look towards spirituality as a source of inspiration and orientation in life. It strengthens the belief of human beings in immaterial realities and it also provides the experiences of the transcendental nature of the world.

Spirituality with different point of views
Religions have regarded the process of spirituality as an integral segment of religious experience. Many people still equate spirituality with religion. But the reducing membership of organised religions and the intensive growth of secularism (especially in the western world) have given a broader meaning to the spirituality.

spiritualityFrom the secular point of view, spirituality is a process which is less structured, more personalized and more open to new ideas. Spirituality is such an effective term that even some atheists are also spiritual. While atheism has a basic tendency to lean towards the scepticism regarding various supernatural claims, some atheists have defined “spirituality” as nurturing emotions, thoughts, actions and words that are in harmony with the basic belief that the whole universe is connected in some way.

Spirituality is very much associated with the Hindu religion; in fact the whole Hindu religion is based upon the spiritual aspects of the universe. The Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions of the world and various other religions like Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism etc have been derived from the Hindu religion only. All these religions share the aspects of spirituality with the Hindu religion. Moreover, in Hindu religion most sacred books—even the Vedas—are also dedicated to spirituality. In Hindu religion, spirituality is a way to get connected with the Divine and the invisible energy. In fact, other major religions of the world like Christian and Islam also put stress on the spiritual aspects of the human mind.

As a science
Various authors have suggested that spirituality, as a concept, finds deep relationships with the quantum physics. For example, philosopher-physicist Ken Wilber and Fritjof Capra, proposed an “Integral Theory of Consciousness”. Moreover, Amit Goswami, a theoretical nuclear physicist also favours the scientific theory of spirituality. According to Mr. Goswami, spirituality is a way of achieving universal consciousness.

According to Ervin László, “quantum vacuum” is the most fundamental information and energy- carrying field ( also known as the Akashic field) and spirituality is the best gateway to penetrate into the Akashic field. Spirituality is a way of discovering the inner selves.

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