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Happy and Safe holi

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on March 16, 2014

Happy and Safe holi

Happy and Safe holi


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What Is HTML?

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on September 18, 2010

Regular user of the Internet will see the letters HTML occasionally but most of them have no idea what the letters stand for. This doesn’t present a problem because most end-users of the Internet and computers don’t really need to know what HTML is.

HTMLBut it may be interesting to many to learn just a little bit more about it. These four letters stand for Hyper Text Markup Language. While this may seem like a confusing name, what HTML actually does is provide the language for Web pages. It’s a system that allows people to give online documents the need structure. Guidelines in HTML determine where and how paragraphs, lists, links etc. are used.

But this system does more. It also allows Web-page creators to put photos and other graphic elements in pages. This is called embedding. The key to success with HTML is the use of tags that are set apart in the code by brackets. Essentially, these are the instructions for what will appear on the finished page.

Wikipedia describes HTML as “the encoding scheme used to create and format a web document.” A man named Tim Berners-Lee is credited with an original idea that led to HTML (1980). A few years later he proposed a system that included the word “hypertext” in its description. He is credited with writing the software program for servers and Web browsers in 1990.

It has been about 18 years since the public was first introduced to HTML and the idea of “tags.” Berners-Lee and his associates presented a basic design for the language that contained fewer than two dozen “elements.” Some of these original pieces are still part of HTML today. The hypertext language is now one of the international standards for Web-based communication.

One of the remarkable things about HTML is that it not only gives experienced Web designers and programmers the tools they need, it also is rather easy for the “layman” to use. It’s not a programming language like Perl, Java or even Basic. At its most basic level, a Web page is made of HTML and images. One of the best descriptions of the language includes the idea that HTML holds all the page elements together, in addition to containing the text for the page.

For example, the HTML guidelines for a Web page would contain with the specific instructions showing up between the angle brackets. The Web browser is instructed to present the text or object in whatever way is described there. Those who are learning to use HTML have access to the “code” behind a page. Yes, you may view the HTML source of the pages you’re looking at!

HTML code can be written with or without one of the “editor” programs available. A simple text editor will work as well. It’s important with either method to use the beginning and ending brackets – and put the tag name, attributes and values between them. One of the best ways to learn how to use HTML is to look at a lot of code and compare the instructions with what you see on the finished page.

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