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Top Excuses For Not Calling Your Lover

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on July 19, 2010

Here are few more excuses which girls and boys can use when they are scolded by the boyfriend and girl friend respectively for not calling them

1. Hey!! I was calling you but the operator said the girl you are calling is an angel and its not possible to call heaven this time

2. I called on your mobile but it was out of reach or switched off

3. Hi sweetheart I was just thinking of calling you but you know my balance is low

4. Hey you were calling me thats why I was getting that the mobile you are trying to reach is currently busy

5. Hello dear, you know I just had finished my dinner and was about to call you. But I am glad you called me first

6. I am totally messed up with this mobile set. I had to call you but the keypad had stopped working.

7. Thank God you called me up. You know I needed to talk with you but had lost all my contacts in the phonebook.

8. My mobile was with my friend and thats why I have not called you from last night

9. My mom and dad had seen my past bill and they were curious to know to whom I talked so much on the phone and thats why I have decided not to call you for few days

10. Hey I was out with family so could not talk with you honey.

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