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About Me

Dear Visitors,

This is Sandeep Kumar From Patiala, PB (India). Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

I am working as a Senior Web designer/Team Lead, with 10+ years of experience in the Graphic and Web design fields with the tools like Responsive Design, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML/xHTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Flash, Javascript, UI Design, WordPress Themes, Front End Designing and Front End Development, YII Framework Design Integration, iPhone and Android Graphics.

While working in this field, Now I have decided to share my little knowledge, my ideas, my experience with others. So that I can improve my knowledge with your support. your comments are my strength so don’t hesitate in commenting positively
or negatively 🙂
Your suggestion/criticism is always welcome as you know everyone is not 100% perfect.

Thank you once again and do visit again. Bookmark this blog and add to the confidence of a buddying blogger:)

reach me @ : msgtosandeep84[at]

17 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Sonal said

    Well done keep going buddy….

  2. Breast said

    Well done keep going buddy….

  3. Keshu said

    I like this blog, really good effort.

  4. pushkarraj29 said

    really nice blog.some how i am also inspired to create a blog.

  5. mihir said

    Thanks for shearing your knowledge .keep on



  7. dilipnaidu said

    Howdy … interesting blog … the inspirational quotes are beautiful … happy blogging … Dilip

  8. phenphedrine said

    Thanks for this great information! I really appreciate this. I actually let my husband have a look and he posted a link to it on his blog 🙂

  9. Jia Ying said

    The quotes really inspired me and I thought that I could use them for a project. May I use them?

  10. karan said

    sandeep yor blogs was very aussum nd really i like it ..
    thnk u…………… karan

  11. bhupalreddy said

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, its very informative and intresting blog. you have good efforts and did a great job keep going…

  12. Bobby said


  13. manoj said

    Nice Thought Man I appreciate by Your Statement

  14. sanjeev murthy said

    hello sir…!
    tis is sanjeev frm Karnataka 🙂
    i was lukin up sm technical terms n full form of computer related words on net and accidntly i am here on ur blog.. i wnt through all your posts and articles .. such a nice blog fr student lik us.. !
    am also intrested in web desing .. can u pls suggest me some platforms to carryout..

  15. K Venkatesh Ramulu said

    Your attitude to share the knowledge with others and seeking support/comments from others is wonderful to get perfection in your field.

    Good going. Keep it up.

    Thanks & Regards,
    K Venkatesh Ramulu

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