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How To Get Rid Of Computer Viruses?

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on August 19, 2010

Computer viruses are unwanted computer programs. They keep themselves hidden in your computer and then replicate themselves in their own way and multiply (spread). The Internet connects a lot of computers to each other and sometimes, while sharing data; sending emails etc, along with the files, computer viruses also get transmitted. A virus can do anything to a computer – it can delete files, it can corrupt data and it can also disable your computer’s security systems or can damage it irreversibly.

Viruses are sometime transmitted unknowingly but not always because there are people, who are known as hackers, who design these computer programs to break into others’ computers. Their reason could be any i.e. stealing data, personal animosity etc.

Common Types:

Resident Viruses: They remain hidden in your computer. They are in the RAM memory and control and intercept the operations which are carried out by the system. Their primary use is to capture secret information about the user i.e. passwords, credit card numbers etc.

Direct Action Viruses: They quickly replicate themselves and they are designed to fulfill a certain objective. They normally attach themselves to the files stored in the computer and when that file is made to run they get activated.

Overwrite Viruses: Their objective is straightforward – to destroy whatever information it can put its hands on. It deletes all the information contained in a file and copies itself on the files resulting in the files becoming useless.

Boot Virus: Boot system is that part of a computer which stores basic programs like how to start the computer etc. These viruses are after the boot sector of computers. The best ways to avoid them is to write-protect the floppy discs and never start you computer with an unknown floppy disc in the drive.

Macro Viruses: Programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint etc, have the ability to use small programs, known as ‘helper’ programs, to expand their functionality. These ‘helper’ programs are called ‘macros’. They remain stored in the document files of a computer. When that file is run, the virus gets activated.

How to get rid of computer virusesFile Infectors: Viruses falling in this category infect executable files (programs). Most of the viruses found today are of this category. Once the infected program is run, they get activated.

The best defense against any type of infection is a virus scanner that not only detects a threat, but eradicates it as well. Installing anti-virus software is the best solution and some of them are available for free:

There are some companies like McAfee Antivirus, the oldest antivirus development company in the world, which are experienced. And there is another of the Norton Antivirus kind, with really heavy antivirus systems. Other famous names include Quick Heal, ESET etc.

There are some companies which provide antivirus for free for home use. They include Avast Antivirus and AVG. Both are relatively new companies and provide you with an easy to install protection shield. There are other companies too, which make anti-virus software available for free under certain conditions – Avira AntiVirus Personal, Bit Defender etc.


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