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How To Get Rid Of Sun-Burns?

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on July 29, 2010

Sunburns are the result of excessive exposure of the body to the ultra-violet rays from the Sun. This leaves your skin dry and causes constant pain. But here are a couple of ways to soothe your pain:

(1) First thing that you have to keep in mind is: the word ‘sunburn’ signifies that your skin is burnt and it is not going to heal in a day or two. There will be some time before everything returns to normal. With time, your body will shed off the burnt skin.

(2) To make a quick recovery, avoid going out in the sun. There could be areas around the sun burnt skin, which may need only a little exposure to sun and they will become sun burnt too. It could worsen the problem so the first step is to avoid the sun.

(3) Bathing with cool water will soothe the pain. This works as long as you are taking a shower but the moment you are out and your skin is dry again, the effect vanishes. Avoid using soap while taking a bath. Soaps suck natural oils from your body and in this case, your body badly needs them.

(4) After having a bath, you can apply skin moisteners to the burnt parts of your body. There are some products, called after-sun lotions, which can be used. It is an important step and it has to be performed immediately after taking a bath.

(5) Drink a lot of water and have a healthy diet. If your body is properly hydrated it will do its job nicely and this helps it to heal quickly. Seven to eight glasses a day are sufficient and avoid junk food as much as you can.

(6) Avoid wearing skintight clothes as the friction caused by them will only add to your problems. Loose-fitting clothes don’t aggravate your problems. Cotton shirts with cloth pants are recommended.

(7) Keep the burnt areas covered, when out-doors.

Sun burnsIt has already mentioned in the first point that during the process of healing, the body will shed-off the burnt skin. Now, that shouldn’t mean that to quicken the healing process you are going to do it yourself – it would only aggravate the problems and not to mention, the pain. If you don’t want to have a burnt skin, a specialist has to be consulted.

As it is said, a precaution is the best medicine, so here are some simple steps to avoid any kind of sun-burn in the first place:

(1) Keep in mind that sunburn may also cause premature aging of the skin and in extreme case they it may lead to skin cancer. The first step towards avoiding this is to use sun-screen-lotions when going out in the sun. There are a variety of sun-screen-lotions available in the market. You can opt for one with the highest SFP factors. SFP stands for Sun Protection Factors.

(2) A hat on your head offers better protection than sun-glasses so wear a hat when going out-doors.

(3) Tanning saloons are useless. Spending long times in tanning saloons can still cause sunburns especially among people with relatively white skin.

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