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Excuses For Breaking Up With Someone

Posted by Sandeep Kumar on July 17, 2010

If you think you already had enough with someone and wish to break up, then these excuses can help you

1. Actually I feel I am not the perfect match for you.

2. I need sometime and space to think about our relationship. You always try to dominate me which I am not ready to accept.

3. My father just told me about our family tree and we both are from same ancestors.So it makes us brother and sister.

4. I consulted an astrologer and she told me that the person whose name starts with ‘J’ is unlucky for me and I am afraid your name is Jackson.

5. You actually are more nice that what I anticipated.I am sorry but I don’t like people who are overprotective

6. You are so rude and you don’t even care for me.You know girls want someone who is very nice and protective ( This one can work if top excuse fails 🙂 )

7. My friend told that after some time couples start to look like each other. So I have decided to break up with you as I don’t wish to look like you.

8. You are so truthful and strong believer of God and thus I have decided to become a Nun / Monk

9. Yesterday one of friend saw you with another girl. Do you care to tell me who she was? [ You just made up this one as none of your friends saw.Its a mere accusation]

10. My friend told me that you were one of the members of the Rob’s gang, the one who always teased girls. So now I have decided to break up.


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